About Mathew Jafarzadeh- CA founder
2021年12月13日 15:46

Dr. Mathew Jafarzadeh

Founder- Director

Mathew holds, a bachelor’s degree in dentistry and is also a qualified, senior laser practitioner with over 20 years of experience in light-based technology in both aesthetic and medical fields. Mathew is the former Vice president of the Australian Institute of Laser Therapy (AILT) and speaker at various national and international anti-aging conferences.

Mathew is a passionate, serial entrepreneur and the inventor of a large portfolio of over twenty patent registered technology, with a special interest in disruptive, non-invasive, scientifically proven, and affordable innovative technology, that could improve the health and well-being of consumers globally, at any age, sex, or ethnicity, at an affordable price.

About CosmoAesthetics company

CosmoAesthetics “CA”, is Australian-based innovation, founded by Dr. Mathew Jafarzadeh.

CA, is focused on emerging disruptive technologies for use by global consumers in the provision of home-based diagnostic, MedTech, Beauty, Skincare & Drug Delivery, Oral health, Pain management and digital health care technology.

CA, is led by a strong team of C-level executives with a collective of over 100 years of experience in both national and international management roles and diversified expertise in the fields of Start-ups, Medtech and Biotech companies.

CA, is a proud resident of:

Mathew Jafarzadeh 博士


Mathew 拥有牙科学士学位,也是一名合格的高级激光从业者,在美学和医学领域的光技术方面拥有 20 多年的经验。 Mathew 是澳大利亚激光治疗研究所 (AILT) 的前副总裁,并在各种国家和国际抗衰老会议上发表演讲。

Mathew 是一位充满激情的连续创业者,是 20 多项专利注册技术的发明者,特别关注破坏性、非侵入性、科学证明和负担得起的创新技术,这些技术可以改善人们的健康和福祉。全球任何年龄、性别或种族的消费者,以可承受的价格。

关于 CosmoAesthetics 公司

CosmoAesthetics “CA”是澳大利亚的创新公司,由 Mathew Jafarzadeh 博士创立。

CA 专注于新兴的颠覆性技术,供全球消费者使用,提供家庭诊断、医疗技术、美容、护肤和药物递送、口腔健康、疼痛管理和数字医疗技术。

CA 由一支强大的 C 级高管团队领导,他们在国内和国际管理角色方面拥有 100 多年的经验,并在初创企业、医疗技术和生物技术公司领域拥有多元化的专业知识。